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Gift caricatures from your photos...
A quotation for a caricature is required due to the many variables that are possible. The table below provides indication to base pricing for each category and options.

Editorial & Topical Cartoons

AFL Politics

Available as unique finished art or digital image files in various formats.

The artist has a broad range of experiences including engineering, management, business, many sports and travel.

T-Shirts & Screen printing

Beam Ford

Exclusive designs.
Licenced designs.

Screen printed merchandise, apparel and delivery can be arranged. ... Minimum quantities apply for some items.

Graphic Art & Designs

club logo

Merchandise, Team-Shirts, Business logos, avatars and more:
Markart Graphic Art, Designs and images can be produced in many sizes and formats; hardcopy prints or digital files.

Caricature styles and Price guide

Markart caricatures are generally drawn in one of three mediums and usually A4 or A3 size; however feel free to request alternative sizes and or specify any special requests via the contact form.
The prices listed below are for a single person with basic props (e.g. favourite clothing, occupational, sport or leisure incidentals). Additional costs may apply as the level of complexity increases, for example; additional people, cars, motorcycles, boats, yachts, complex or specific backgrounds, etc.

  • Economy: Black Ink Caricatures on White Illustration board:
  • Size A4 from $65, ... A3 from $95.
  • Classic: Ink and Watercolour or Gouache paint on 300gsm Artist paper:
  • Size A4 from $135, ... A3 from $195.
  • Premium: Acrylic paint on canvas or canvas board:
  • Size A4 from $195, ... A3 from $295.

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Ben Cousins

Delivery / Despatch

Above prices do not include delivery or packaging and post expenses.
Local delivery can be arranged for customers in some suburbs of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), however a reasonable additional cost will be charged for such service.
Please mention your desired delivery address in your request for quotation.
Outside Melbourne / Interstate: Artwork will be suitably packaged to prevent damage and posted via Express-post or Registered mail.

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Optional framing can be arranged:
Please advise Markart of your preferences when requesting a quotation.
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Terms and conditions



A draft layout can be emailed to you free of charge however payment must be received before Markart will proceed with the final artwork.
Payment details for Electronic Funds Transfer will be provided when order is confirmed.

Satisfaction guarantee

A 100% refund will apply if Markart accepts your order and subsequently cannot complete your artwork before your desired deadline... Please note; for gift caricatures; this guarantee is conditional upon markart receiving satisfactory photos in time to enable completion of the artwork and also adequate time to enable delivery.

A refund on caricatures (less any postage costs) will be granted to customers who are genuinely and justifiably unsatisfied with the artwork.

Privacy Policy

Personal details of Markart customers will be treated confidentially and will not be distributed to any third parties.

Commissioned artwork will not be displayed publically without consent from respective clients.